Monday, December 19, 2005

Ahh.. Rajpal

It’s been a long time since my last post; things have been crazy with exams, Christmas and lot of other stuff. But hell, how often does your blog get referred on mainstream media? I just had to blog this one.

The shocker came yesterday when reading the Rajpal Abeynayake column (of the Sunday Times) where Mr.Rajpal, now back to his usual UNP bashing ways, referred to a blog post I made the day before the November 17 election where I wrote about how Rajpal likes to pinch, slap and punch the UNP, and in particular Ranil and Milinda Moragoda.

So our dear Rajpal is a blog reader (perhaps even a blogger?), must say I’m rather elated about the fact that he referred to the post, more so than I like to admit, and hell I’ve been always curious about knowing who this Rajpal pora really is, and what other columns he writes. Hmm..

so perhaps you can leave a comment next time you visit Mr.Rajpal, nice to see you in the LK blogsphere.


12 comments: said...

props man, think this is the first time a blogger has been mentioned in the mainstream media (besides Morq during the tsunami)

~CC~ said...

well.. technically 'I' wasnt mentioned.. it was a quote from the blog.. :)

but hell. still feels good.

sittingnut said...

rajpal abeynayake is a cad. he should have given your url. but that would have ruined his argument and reminded readers that he got the election results wrong with almost everybody else.
he was trying to make out that he was the first to see that minlinda moragoda type capitalism was kaput, etc as if all the other newspapers here are not suffering from a socialist mindset. he is just one of the herd with some writing ability.
socialists even closeted one like rajpal are by nature dishonest, last sunday's column just proves that again.

sittingnut said...
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~CC~ said...

well.. dont think this rajpal dude is a socialist as such, he sounded almost sad in his first post-election column,

im sure he voted green :P. it's sad though, the UNP seriously needs ppl to get their ideas to the heads of the ppl.. even Moaragoda-economics can be sold. it just must be comming from somewhhere.

that's why i think the UNP should send the big guns to Telivision debates. like mahinda smarasinghe's and Milinda's.

at the moment the UNP is just defending, it has been doing that since 2001. even in the opposition. that's the sad part.

sittingnut said...

sorry about the duplicate comments.

agree with you about the unp. they act as if capitalism is something to be ashamed of when in fact it is the opposite and never ever go on the offensive.

Maestro said...

Rajpal is the editor of the sunday observer!!!? but he seems to be very impartial, at least the days when he was at the Times. But editors such as Bandula Jayasekare (Daily news editor formerly Island journalist) is totally anti-UNP.

~CC~ said...


it's sad that Rajpal has crossed over to da 'dark side' :)

does he write his column in the observer as well?

Maestro said...

Mr. Rajpal!
Rajpal Abeynayake has become a big joke. Ever since he took up the position as Editor of the Sunday Observer he has been attacking Ranil and the UNP. I have a few words for you Mr. Abeynayake: we don't like you or your comments in your column or editorial. In fact we never even bother to read it. You were moderately respected when you were in the Sunday Time but you lost that little respect we had for you after you joined the UPFA propaganda machine. Get a life!!!!

Gyan said...

This anonymous idiot (above) is obviously suffering from Jealous-of Rajpal syndrome.
This Nation Editorial ( settles beyond doubt that Rajpal was an asset to Lake House, and tat had to leave because the then government persecuted him for being a straightforward journalist with integrity who told the inconvenient truth.
There are several examples of reports by well known authorities such as Reporters Sans frontiers etc etc., which attest exactly why Rajpal was removed from his Editorship at Sunday Observer.
To quote Amnesty ‘Rajpal Abeynayake, editor of the government weekly Sunday Observer, was removed from his post in October 2006 after publishing a column entitled, "A state de-moralizing its 'troops', when it needs to inspire them?" which was criticised by the Ministry of Defence.’’ (
It is clear that anonymous, a simple cad who hides behind his anonymity, and writes in vain to m align the good name of a journalist who has stood his ground and stood up to the powers that be and continues to do so. In any cased the sick verbiage that anonymous uses, about the size of organs etc etc., shows whoever it is of a sick mind and is a simple government lackey who wants to malign an outstanding journalist.

Deane said...

An earlier comment by an anonymous have been deleted at the request of Mr. Abeynayeke.

Anonymous said...

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