Sunday, June 18, 2006

Now what?

I didn’t blog about Kebithigollewa massacre, because I didn’t think I had anything new to say. But now, with the increase of terrorist activities has led many, including acclaimed journalists to believe that we are indeed heading towards yet another war, so I am compelled to write something on a potential way forward, if again (god forbid), all hell breaks loose

I believe, if there is a resumption of direct hostilities between the LTTE and the government then the government must make a paradigm shift towards how it view the conflict. In the past any resolution of the ethnic conflict was tied with negotiations with exclusively, the LTTE. Now it’s time the people and the government tries to go around the Tigers if that’s what’s required to achieve progress.

What this means in essence is the Sri Lankan government must take steps to create a legitimate and acceptable political solution to the ethnic conflict even while fighting a war against the LTTE.

The CFA, despite its shortcomings (I’ve yet to come across a document without) resulted in a climate which created unique situations that didn’t exist before. For the first time there are a few groups which can claim to effectively represent the Tamil people other than the LTTE; from Karuna’s followers to Mr. Anandasangaree, to other anti-LTTE Tamil voices in Europe. There is now, new room to take a new view of the process.

So the government must, in the event it fails to re-start negotiations with the LTTE form a sort of a council given full authority to come up with a draft constitution to bring a lasting political solution. The council must comprise of the willing Tamil academia, other interest groups including the Karuna faction, and of course representation of other ethnicities via representations by political parties.

If the LTTE continues to refrain from engaging in talks and continues to engage in violence like in Kebithigollewa, or tries to blow up the whole coastline, as they seemed to be doing now this may be the only solution we are left with.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Face-lift and some kottu, moju buttons

I had a pretty jobless couple of days, so finally got around to give my blog a much needed face lift. Nothing major, just a little editing of colors, and a little image here and there, at least it doesn’t look like, I donno, millions of other blogs anymore.

Also, got around to creating these Kottu and Moju buttons. A little something to have on your blogs and stuff if anyone would care to use. No licensing or any shit like that. Just go ahead and use them if you want to, a zip file with all the buttons can be downloaded at :

Or just right click and save these..

Does anyone know a good, Free direct link file host btw?


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Devils and Angels

First of all This posts isn’t about Angels, it's not about Devils in fact it's about nothing. There are of course more substancial things to blog about but i don’t quite feel like having another session of mahinda-bashing/bitching. His time will come, a post like this would sure to charge me up, who the fuck does he think he is anyway, playing nanny to the rest of us on his mahinda-knows-best policy, huh.. to speak of the devil.

Speaking about the Devil though, yesterday was 06/06/06 the day of the devil. No real satanic things though, except for the little fact that when i wanted to post something yesterday about 666, Blogger wouldn't log me in, probably the Damien is working at Google now (blogger is owned by Google). so much for 'don’t be evil' policy. I wonder if there were anything related happening in Colombo, i know there is (was?) an anti-Christ church in colombo. I had a couple of friends who were worshipers back in school, Their stories were tempting enough to go check out the place, especially parts about lots of black-lipstick clad HFC chiks come there and do all sorts of crazy things. But you had to do some crazy things to get in, and to be honest i was a little chickened out, and then there's Morality issues and of course going against J.C is not a comfortable concept anyway. Most of these 'worshippers' are doing it coz they really want to be 'baad' and do the whole heavy-metal thing rather than any belief, in fact some of them are not Christians to begin with. I wonder if they had anything though, like a chicken-sacrifice. I wonder if someone can write an expose' on the papers. Probably not, The Sri Lankan media is increasingly disappointing me; Especially the papers, it seems no one can get past the LTTE and report on something a little interesting. For example Sri Lanka had it's Gay Pride recently nobody even reported it,

it's almost as if it never happened. Sri Lanka probably could do with a more youth-oriented paper perhaps, or even a more liberal one. Which takes about issues of sex, trends, and i donno.. whatever need being talked about.

oh well this post is going nowhere so I’m just stopping. Just felt like blogging today.