Saturday, January 07, 2006

That belated New Year Blog

Meant to blog this long time ago but so far this has been one hell of a year. I got stuck at home on 31st night doing an assignment for college, only to find out the next day they have shifted the submission dates from 2nd to the 6th, of Jan. now how crap is that? Anyway that is probably a sign of things to come; I thought this college thing was going to be a breeze but it has been hell so far, and it doesn’t seems to get any better. Academics a side, it’s not that great socially either, I’m stuck in a class with NO girls (I’m serious), and here’s the clincher - majority of the ‘politically opinionated’ are Mahinda supporters (actually JVP, hence Mahinda).

I’ve been schooled in two schools in my life, yet I can actually name the three SLFP supporters we had in our class (and yeah, they so got bullied) so this is a whole new experience. Despite this at the core of it they are pretty nice people, although some of them do subscribe to groups like the SL patriotic group which sends out shit like this, and some of them openly resented the Christmas party, and all it's fund raising in protest, But most of them mean no harm. At least knowingly.

Another thing that hit me was by the end of this year, i will no longer be a teenager. now that sucks. just caught me by suprise that one, i just loved being seventeen and i had my reasons. must say i had a blast the last three years, doing what i like, met some wonderful people, of course most of them left the country as soon as they finished ALs. more will leave this year while i will be stuck here in mahinda-land for at least a few years. should have left when i had the chance, now i'll have to live with it.

another aspect of loosing the whole 'teen thing' is giving away of Sri Lankan Teen Central (SLTC), i'm officially asking someone to take over, which closes another chapter of my life. It was nothing more than a msn group, but those days back in 2002, there were hardly any sri lankan ones. in fact some time ago it was (albeit on loosely scientific accounts) the largest Sri Lankan community, a title it has lost to many other sites now, and belive me it was good while it lasted, met some of my closest friends through that site and the stories of SLTC deserve it's own book.

My resolutions for the year, well.. they are kinda private so no blogging them. Apart from that everybody’s blogging about the security situation, and how the war will start but that will be another blog. So that’s it for this one, need to get back to more assignments; hope everyone else is having a good time… oh and happy new year



mufee said...

THANKS for sltc babe..
we v all made a hell of a lot of good friends there..
good luck with things..
luv ya..

~CC~ said...

lv ya 2 darl :)! be good

sittingnut said...

mahinda land or not, sri lanka is great and the land of opportunity.
one can be whatever one want to be if one tries hard enough. few other countries will give you that.
and mahinda buffalo or any future government really does not matter any more here in sl.

~CC~ said...

"..and mahinda buffalo or any future government really does not matter any more here.."

ur kiddin me?

sittingnut said...

no, i am not kidding. on personal level and in most activities, government really does not matter in sl, one can avoid it completely.

Maestro said...

Deane why don't you post a discussion whether Sri Lanka is really democratic or not???

Maestro said...