Friday, June 16, 2006

A Face-lift and some kottu, moju buttons

I had a pretty jobless couple of days, so finally got around to give my blog a much needed face lift. Nothing major, just a little editing of colors, and a little image here and there, at least it doesn’t look like, I donno, millions of other blogs anymore.

Also, got around to creating these Kottu and Moju buttons. A little something to have on your blogs and stuff if anyone would care to use. No licensing or any shit like that. Just go ahead and use them if you want to, a zip file with all the buttons can be downloaded at :

Or just right click and save these..

Does anyone know a good, Free direct link file host btw?



Dilantha said...

try or

~CC~ said...

hmm both are like email based..

Anonymous said...

ela kiri buttons machan.

Dimithri Perera said...

hey! thanks for the buttons...i used two of them...both kottu all i have to do is upload and see if i can get them to work properly...!!! heheh
Thanks again! cheers. Dimi