Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gizoogle-it yo

I've been around online for a while now, and this just has got to be one of the coolest things i've ever come accorss, ive discovered it like a few hours ago, and cant seem to stop playin' with it.. scrap google dawgs, enter gizoogle..

gizoogle is google, and therefore da web turned snoop-doggy speak. it connverts any webpage into what it calls 'jive' it's probably not new, but for those of you who didnt know it, go check it out, you'd have a blast.

This is part of my last post gizoogled..

Mobbin' tha GOP

"I don’t really like Republizzle Two years of B-to-tha-izzush presidency has seen tha United States playa on most th'n ‘American’. From tha war in Iraqta spy'n on its citizens President Bush has done a pretty lousy job. But this isn’t `bout Biznush, Cheney or Schwarzenegga this pizzy is `bout our own Grand Ol Party – tha UNP . Drop it like its hot."

Here's the link to the whole site gizoogled (got to add a permanent link )

and the CNN headlines :

# srael sez 100 Hezbollah targets hit before diznawn
# Rockets shizzot back fizzy Lebanon, po-po say
# Haifa now like ghost ghetto baller Hezbollah attacks
# Tony Blair seeks U.S. support fo` U.N. resolizzles

they do have, a images page but if they jive tha images, heres wizzle dat red-jinglin boi t-ilvin wud look like.

i cud go on, but hell go C-H-to-tha-izzeck it out. pez out.



Anonymous said...

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sach said...

Hahahaha Gizoogle was awesome. Gizoogle Dis Shiznit it says. Lol. Thanks Deane, didn't know about it before.

sach said...

And my blog is Cynicalle Yos. Bomb in Kollupitiya was Blizzay in Kollupitizzle. LOL. Awesome

Maestro said...

I'm sorry CBN sat. You're nt gonna hav an easy resumption. You need to be a UPFA bootlicker business if you wanna prosper under this bloody government. Since you'll are independent like MTV/SIRASA/ETV there are gonna be hard times ahead.