Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stripping Sherawat

I recently discovered that some dude in India has sued Mallika Sherawat for an apparent show of obscenity; she pulled down some guy’s trousers at a New Year’s Eve party. Rediff covers it here [Mallika will strip all men], a clip from the dance is on YouTube, photos are here.

I would understand if the person whose trousers got pulled off sued Ms. Sherawat, after all dancing without your trousers in public can’t be all that fun (or is it?). Especially if you are sporting a hard-on which is a definite possibility with Sherawat shaking-it about.

But why would a total stranger unconnected to the whole episode, wants to sue Sherawat?

A similar incident Happened to Anarkalli Akarsha when some government official accused Ranjan Ramanayake of forcing Anarkalli to strip down during the shooting of One Shot. Now everyone likes Anarkali, her long list of admirers includes the president, his sons, the foreign minister, and apparently business tycoons. Hell, even I don’t mind her as long as she doesn’t speak. That’s one part of her that hasn’t developed much from her preteens or even earlier. Now Anarkalli is apparently suing a certain newspaper who came up with the story.

What would it take for subcontinent creatures to mind their own business I will never know.

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