Friday, July 13, 2007

Bring back the Anti-conversion Bill! - Bodhu Bala Sena


Pinwathuni! It’s high time we Buddhists stop getting fooled by such petty things like 'patience' or ‘compassion’.

You see, in order to save Buddhism we can’t afford to be Buddhists.

So let’s bring that anti-conversion bill! And while we are at it, bomb them terrorists!

Jaya vewa!

Bodhu Bala Sena.


aufidius said...

the failure of spiritualism in the hearts and etiquette of ppl results in the victory of religious symbolism, what some people seem to foolishly think is that just because statues/religious icons (of whatever faith) kept springing up in every junction people are going to get more religious, ethical and moral.

I see it as a failure of the particular faith in the eyes of its followers, where the same ppl try to keep the faith "physically" alive by erecting statues/icons when the faith is failing/deteriorating in the hearts and minds of the ppl.

as opposed to these actions culminating in a "yahapath" creates more divisions and creates misunderstanding which is not called for.

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nara said...

Ass holes!!!

Amara said...

You need to consider the reality as well. True, its kind of being non-biddhists to save buddhism. But by being good buddhists, what have we achieved over the past 500 years?
- Westerners converting around 10% to christianity
- Culture guided by Budhhsim being damaged by westernising
- Chruch playing games to convert even more slowly

So, shouldnt there be a solution? Even though we act as good mannered people, others dont, they play games. Centuries ago, convertion was done by force, today its done thru cowardly secretive acts and games.

So, there has to be a stop to this. We cant look at this and do nothing. That is where this act is important and thats the course of all buddhists.

Take other countries like India, Middle East, france etc. They are very careful in dealing with other religions and very safeguarding. France even prohibited Muslim girls wearing head cover. Buddhists dont ask that much here, but we need basic legislative safeguard for our religion. Thats the thing we need to be understanding here.

Surath said...

mahinda ponnaya. Kolu kaaraya

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

That bill required registration at a police station before adopting a religion. thats fucking stupid.

Culture being damaged by westernizing? please.. culture is an evolving thing, not something stagnant which should be 'protected'

Whats practiced in middle-east is nothing short of oppression, India actually have legislative safeguards not to protect 'their religion' but to keep equidistance between state and any religion. Sure there are Hindutva morons, but at least officially they have equity.

French example too is an extreme case of secularism (separation of church and state), not 'protecting their religion'.

i don’t know why you are so insecure about buddhism. sure some of these conversions are unethical. but you wont find solutions through legislation of this sort

sach said...

Hi, I couldn't find your email address on your blog so thought of contacting you through this. I'm currently doing some research regarding abortion in Sri Lanka and related laws. If you happen to have any recent statistics can you mail me on and send me some? Thank you.

Mahinda Rajapaksa said...

I am a crook. I like to rob. Especially tsunami donations. I have a secret agreement with the LTTE. I like to fool the people. I can't speak english so I hate ranil for his abilities.. I like to talk bullshit in meetings... Oh and I love my moustache...

MaXXa said...

Yes i agree the model in the Act to prevent people from converting is very weak but we have to accept the fact that the buddhists are being converted at a very high rate in rural areas mostly due to their financial difficulties and to seek more job opportunities and this has to be stopped. I have been personally told by a woman who sells vegetable in Badalkumbura (in Monaragala District) the reason why she adopted Christianity which really shocked me. Hehe unless the Buddhist monks financially help the rural poor community, the preaching and the Bana will not prevent these people from converting..

t. said...

Buddhism in it's true form is more a philosophy and way of life than religion. The poster and incidents like monks going to parliament and taking to the streets in protest is going against the very fundamentals of it.. Being non-Buddhist to save Buddhism.., that's a contradiction in itself.

Methods of conversion may be underhanded, but how can you tell a hungry person to listen to the bana and stay a Buddhist when his basic needs are not met?

The Buddha wasn't the first to preach the philosophy, nor will he be the last. He was born in India in a time of absolute corruption; where poverty, discrimination and as such was at its height. And as the belief goes, another Buddha will come when the world has reached it's zenith in evil. (for the want of a better word)

So, at the risk of pissing a lot of people who believe that something should be done to 'safeguard our religion', have a bit of patience, lead a good life, and wait for the next Buddha to come :)