Sunday, October 12, 2008

Military Bloggers

Via the 50 most busiest blogposts, I stumbled upon The Army of Dude, a U.S. Mil-blogger who was based in Iraq, who also happens to be a good writer

For us mere mortals who don't really know what it's like to run around legitimately shooting people, while some other bastard is trying to blow you to bits, Mil-blogs provide great insight into what really happens in the front lines, which is probably too boring for the movies and too real, too long for the mainstream media. 

The curiosity got the best of me, and I tried to find a Sri Lankan Mil-blogger. lists one,  The Long Ranger, the blogger I'm pretty sure is not in the front lines (do they have Wi-Fi in Wanni?)  but he seems to be heavily clued nevertheless. I will be a faithful reader.

I also stumbled upon defencewire, supposedly run by a bunch of independent military analysts, which is also kind of good. This is probably as closest Sri Lanka will get to Mil-blogging, unless someone could convince David Blacker to take up a job in Wanni. 


realskullzero said...

Also there are some more good blogs like,

Defence Net(a regularly updated defense news blog)

History and War( some great insights combining history and the current situation)

and GroundZero Sri lanka(another defense site which i hvnt visited much)

Bomb Jack said...

Wifi on Sri Lankan battlefields may be a bit farfetched, but dont think internet access is rare over there. If you go to you can see some officers even carrying notebooks. With new bloggin software like livewriter any author can compose a blogpost, keep it saved and once they are in reach of an internet socket with one touch of a button they can publish it. That;s how most milbloggers do.

Times Eye said...