Thursday, February 01, 2007

Karu Vateyta Horu

Gone are the days when the UNP was shouting slogans like ‘Awoth Karu, Payayi Hiru’,
Nowadays the party loyalists are shouting (or rather squeaking) along the lines of ‘Giyoth Karu, Penei Tharu’ while others, at least the sirikotha faction have settled for the slogan ‘Karu Vateyta Horu’. Sighting the alleged corruption charges found during a COPE investigation, against the likes of Milinda Moragoda and some say even Mr. Jayasuriya.

In the wake of the mass jumbo exodus, to what is essentially now, a UNP government headed by Mahinda Rajapakse many have speculated as to the fate of what remains of the Grand Old Party. The answer is – quite a lot.

As one Sunday newspaper claimed some time back, most people in Sri Lanka is inherently UNP. The party can command quite easily, at least 35-40% of the electorate regardless of whether there’s a split, or who’s in the Leadership.

Given this fact, Some say, that the crossovers are in fact a blessing in disguise for Wickramasinghe and the mainstream UNP. I’d beg to differ. Lets be honest, this is a HUGE set back for the UNP, one from which they will have a tough time getting over. Especially, in the reality of having your own parliamentarians against you and given also the possibility of yet more UNPers joining the government, to the point where the opposition leader post could be handed over to the JVP, things does indeed look bleak for the UNP. But even so, it would be premature to pass definite judgments.

The motives of the so called reformists (crossover faction) could be diverse; For some, it could be escaping corruption charges, the others it’s just a matter of sheer lust to become a Minister.

It’s not however, like Rajitha Senarathne proclaims an attempt to promote ‘good governance and peace’ if these were the motives, the act of joining the jumbo cabinet itself is the greatest deterrent for ‘good governance’ in the country.

In any case, there is now, a redrawing of political equations. The JVP after at years of avoiding the programme now participate in the ‘Jana Handa’ the programme hosted by TNL, both UNP and JVP participants were seen in close conference with each other trying to bully poor Tissa Vitharana representing the government. It is clear that the UNP will try to go into a common cooperation with the JVP, similar to that of the pre-2001 era.

Another element of the changed equation is the dissident SLFP members, led by Managala Samaraweera and the Bandaranaike’s. Whether these dissidents are as dissenting as the Morning leader would tell you, remain to be seen.


MaXXa said...

True, but the negative impact on the SLFP by this elephant walk is that now this has become a cause to create a split between the SLFP parliamentarians. Especially the intake of the UNP members resulted badly for the senior SLFP members who held high cabinet portfolios and now they condemn this action by the president indirectly by attacking the size of the new cabinet.

Another good aspect of this walkover for the UNP is that now the UNP receives some sort of empathy of the people. As it is truly apparent, the intention of the UNP jumpers was to catch a minister post, because they all knew mahinda is gonna be in power for the next 12 years according to the way now he steers the country. So people now know what the genuinty of these political animals.

And also the question arises whether a senior well visioned politician like Karu really relinquished his gradually built UNP political career to achieve some short term objectives or is it because he was thoroughly disappointed with the UNP leadership for not giving him the place he deserves in the UNP? Either way, karu made an irreparable mistake, because now he is nothing but following the footsteps of the Sri Lanka's foremost political fool - Anura Bandaranayaka

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

indeed there is a negative impact, F'Pulley, Shripathi, Mangala among others are disgruntled, whether this is overhyped by the pro-UNP media, i dont know. but it's apparent there's some sort of dissent.

Karu's crossover even without a major portfolio, such as the PM's post is curious. i think this 'vision' attributed to Karu is largely unproven. he has failed to deliver the Gampaha district, which should be winnable for the UNP. i think Chandrika might be able to delvier that if she entertain such thoughts.

Lot will depend on a) what changes UNP make, would they bring in SB, or Sajith to the Deputy Leader post, etc.

and B) what this faction would do, if they continue to manipulate people inside the UNP, things will get a lot tougher.

Faazil said...
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Maestro said...

Who was the UNPer who was featured in that debate Deane?

Maestro said...

Mahinda for 12 years??? I don't think so... The way it's going, he'll probably be lucky if he can hold on upto 2008/2009.............

The SLFP is clearly split. General Mangala has a following of about 20-25 MPs waiting to screw Mahinda at the correct time with the help of the UNP and his erstwhile lieutenants the JVP.

What place does Karu deserve in the UNP? He's a newcomer.... Morever he cannot be trusted for one second.

Ranil has never been blessed like this, he can go unchallenged now and gear up to for the next election..... To tell the truth, Lots of people in Sri Lanka who voted against Ranil in 2004 and 2005 are showing sympathy towards Ranil and feel terribly sorry for him..... Talk about blessings in disguise........

Deputy leader should be Rukman, SB should be made National Organiser.. I'm not that happy with Sajith, he's still a spring chicken in politics.....If Ranil wishes to make a concession, he can make him assistant leader.....Johnston will probably asked to the over the Trade Unions of the ace-thug Lokuge...

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

Vajira, and Anrura Kumara Dissanayake was on TNL.

Rukman, looks like some funny uncle. you need a strong character to make up for Ranil. i am increasingly in favor of clipping ranil of his executive powers. he can continue to be the leader, i'd want to see an executive chairman.

they should get more competent people, that's what UNP always had over the others, kinda loosing that edge with the crossovers.

Anonymous said...

Rajapakse holdings are the most corrupt/rogue family in the world. Hope they will be finished soon....