Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy business ideas for fun and profit.

I've always had good ideas. (Seriously!)

I lost so many of them, so that some time last year, I created a text file named ideas.txt on my desktop which I filled with, well, ideas of all business plans that came to my mind. I now have quite significant list, none of which I have taken up due to various reasons I’d not go into detail here.

But now, since Christmas is only about five months away, I thought I’d share a few of the recent additions:

#1 E-laborers /odd-jobs

I don’t know if this one has been tried out, but they outsource all kinds of things nowadays. So why not odd-jobs? See now I have this hotmail account filled with unwanted junk I don’t want. I want someone to clean-up that for me, unsubscribe all those junk newsletters I get, and clean it up. I’m willing to pay for that. I’m sure there are plenty of lazy bums like me, who’d want to do some random stuff, like home-work for example.

So someone just create a site, ‘odd-job’ board. And cash-in. I might actually do this one.

#2 Conflict-Tourists

See these Western Liberal kids are wired animals, they take gap years and do voluntary stuff in rural places for fun, and quite possibly to get rid of guilt of some sort of being ‘rich’. This has created a whole new industry called Voluntourism. Companies hook them up with places they can ‘volunteer’ for a fee. Neat.

Now is it possible that those same kids, and quite possibly others (journalists, activist types) would want to visit conflict zones, such as Sri Lanka? Say, experience first hand the bombing and the excitement of war!.

It sounds pretty damn immoral, it probably is. That’s what a friend of mine told me when I jokingly suggested it. But hey, if you cant stop the war, maybe you can sell it!.

#3 Kottu Franchise.

Now this I really think could work. I shit you not.

Think about Pilawoos (the popular kottu joint if anyone is unenlightened) it serves good kottu, now imagine you impose the Pizza Hut model into that. Wouldn’t people buy? Wouldn’t you want to go into a pilla restaurant? Or wouldn’t you like to order cheese kottu and iced-Milo over the phone, delivered in 30 minutes?

Hell, I would.

That’s enough ideas. Now go do it and drop me in a one-time only check if anything works out. Remember, [INSERT WISE PHRASE HERE] and Good Luck!

Thank you for reading.

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Anonymous said...

haha. Im beginning to actually like this blog.