Saturday, June 16, 2007

President commended on human rights front

These days the DailyNews is the paper to read.

GENEVA: President Mahinda Rajapaksa who arrived in Geneva on Wednesday to attend the 96th ILO conference, held discussions with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louis Arbour.

President Rajapaksa came in for high praise by Arbour over steps taken by the Government to protect human rights amidst heightened acts of terrorism.

She also expressed her regret at the propaganda launched by various organisations to discredit the Lankan Government. [Link]

WTF you say? No they didn't hire the Guy who maintains brokennews to write in the daily news. it's the actual paper. we do live in rather interesting times. The editorial adds to the entertainment :
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama’s comments to The Korea Herald are both a transparent mirror to the situation in Sri Lanka as well as a lucid outline of the tasks awaiting the parties to our conflict.

Contrary to the misguided views aired in some quarters, the principal priority of the Government is a negotiated political solution.. [Link]
and these idiots get paid. I want my money back!

Thanks NM


Theena said...

Daily Noise is no longer fun to read and laugh at.

I just read the sport section (that too with a concentrated effort to avoid anything that is penned by Elmo Rodrigopulle), scan for interesting ads and throw it away.

Jack Point said...

oh but you must read it. There is no of knowing what is going on the government's mind without reading this.

And what does he mean by a 'transparent mirror'?

Mirrors are not transparent and glass does'nt really reflect very well.

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

'transparent mirror'

beats me. :)

Anonymous said...

this is a friendly warning. you are talking too much. be careful.

Jehan said...

That's all these fools know. baseless propaganda. Nobody read the daily news for news!! they buy it for government notices and obituaries...

Deane AKA ~CC~ said...

Anon machan.. if u are planning an abduction, give me due notice.. have some stuff to take care of.