Friday, April 25, 2008

Government Bullying Ganja Farmers

According to the Daily Mirror,
The Excise Department Narcotics Detection Unit recovered a large stock of Ganja worth over Rs.2 million in Tanamalwila area during a special operation today [link]
There's only one thing Thanamalwila is famous for - Ganja (Marijuana) . You know that, I know that, the local authorities knows that. In fact, if the Nacrotics Detention Unit were to raid thanamalwila weekly, they'd probably keep on discovering "large stocks" of Ganja.

The point is, you can't really enforce a law against something for which a large number of people have no opposition for. Murder and theft are enforcible by law, because people in general agree these are crimes. Illicit liquor, Ganja, smoking in public or no-liquor on the Buddhist Poya Day cannot and should not be crimes, because for one, these 'crimes' are victimless and secondly, most of them are non-enforcible because not enough people agree these are crimes.

The so called "drug war" in the U.S., an attempt to actually enforce anti-drug laws is a monumental failure, but selective enforcement, like what happens in Sri Lanka is not really much better and amounts to nothing but bullying by the government.

So yes, if you haven't figured it already, legalize Ganja!

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