Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama's Bad Day

That's probably an understatement. Obama's debate performance on the last democratic debate is the worst I've seen of him. Obama having gone through a rough time, with his 'bitter' comment and pastor wright's association came under heavy fire under Clinton and the two anchors from NBC.

For a someone who's winning, Obama looked defeated. He looked tired and weary and he tumbled over the first 40 minute of the debate trying to fend off attacks, and looked incoherent and stuck to rehersed-answers for the rest of the debate. It wasn't pretty. Clinton on the other hand looked competent, and for the first time can confidently say she won the debate.

Obamedia is trying to spin this as a great failure of the NBC moderators, and how being lost will actually help Obama. Bullshit. Someone should remind them that Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos are not running for the democratic nomination, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton is.

and let's not talk about this , "oh how unfair, the debate-didn't'-get-to-the-real-issues" nonsense. Are we retarded? I mean, if someone was living under a rock for the past year, maybe that's a relevant question. People know their positions on the issues, and guess what, it's not so different. So let's play this straight, it ain't about the issues anymore, it's about personality. In fact, it was personality all along and Obama was winning it. So the Obamedia can stop whining about getting a black eye now. Grow up, and admit it. Obama Lost the Debate. End of story.

The real winner, may not have been in the debate. I keep telling my friends to get used to the term President McCain. This guy has some luck, and that's a dangerous asset to have in an election. If there's one thing McCain could have wished for, that's for the two Dems to keep fighting, and that's exactly what's happening.

I think Obama would still be the nominee, and like I've said before, I do like him, really. I hate Hillary, I mean, if Hilary Clinton and George Bush happen to run for president, I'd pick a clear candidate, and it ain't Clinton. If it turned out to be (as it should) a McCain Vs. Obama election, then that's a difficult choice. Luckily, a choice I don't have to make.

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