Friday, September 12, 2008

Budget-air, No-plane

Finally, it dawned on me why they call Mihin Lanka a "budget airline". From LBO:
Sept 11, 2008 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's troubled state-run budget carrier Mihin Air is to ask for another three billion rupees in peoples' money in the next budget to revive operations, an official said.
It's financed by government budgets you see. Budget-airline, get it now?. Anyway Moving on.. 
The airline is now without aircraft after having lost its start-up capital and also money borrowed from state-run Bank of Ceylon, and was said to be in the red by more than two billion rupees. [..]
With no source of revenue, the firm is paying salaries with difficulty and out 200 workers about 40 have already left the airline the official said.
Ok so let me this straight, Mihin. You are an airline with 200 employees and you don't have any planes? 

All I can do is clap for such brilliant entrepreneurial ingenuity. No further questions.

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kalusudda said...

Thank you Deane! Yes it is brilliant!
May be we can sell them an ice berg so they can stay afloat!