Monday, September 22, 2008

Sri Lanka : The 3rd most horniest country in the World?

The most horniest is Pakistan, followed by Bangladesh. That's according to Google Insights. See the graph here:

(Click to enlarge or see Google Insight link)

I used insights to show the results for the terms 'porn' or 'sex'. Also notice that the top 4 countries with the highest search volume for these terms are all South Asian -- Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. A SAARC orgy anyone?

In any case, I can think of two possible explanations for the results.

First, in lower-income countries, the utility of non-porn related internet activities (searches in this case) are low. There's no real thriving e-commerce industry, so searching for soap, books or mini-skirts wouldn't yield much. Nor do people search for things like local news on general search engines like Google, because of all the noise created by 'western content'. After all according to Alexa 9 of the the 100 most visited websites in Sri Lanka are porn-related.

But there are few kinks with this hypothesis. If this were true then most lower-income countries would have higher proportion of horny-searches. This isn't exactly the case. Nigeria for example has a much lower per-capita income level than Pakistan and it produces less horny searches than the U.S.

The second explanation, (which I think is more to the point) is this: All people are horny. But countries of who's cultures promote a hush-hush attitude towards sex, find other means to satisfy their horniness, such as watching Internet porn. Notice that middle-eastern countries such as Egypt, Yemen immediately follows their South Asian counterparts in the horny search index.

Conclusion: we are just bloody sexually-oppressed and bored on the Internet. But you didn't need me to tell you that. Bugger, what a waste time..

Notes : 1) Google Insights normalizes all data. Biases resulting from higher-search volumes of certain countries are removed. 2) Horny-country inspiration from IndiaUncut.


David Blacker said...

I think you're right about the fact that these searches reflect the level of sexual repression in these South Asian countries. But the analysis of the Middle East is flawed. For instance in countries such as Saudi Arabia and some parts of the Emirates, porn sites are blocked on the internet, so no one would be searching, no matter how horny they are. Also, I'm skeptical about SL exceeding the US on porn searches. Are the statistics overall, or in relation to the population? Even if the latter, given that we only have something like 300,000 internet connections in a country of 19 million, it seems a bit off.

Deane said...

David, thanks for dropping by. The search results are in relation to the total Search Volume originating from each country. So yes U.S. probably exceeds in total search volume for porn, but we search more for porn relative to everything else we search, much more than the U.S.

This means the population and total volume biases are taken out. So around 300,000 is a pretty decent sample no?

Middle-east, well yes, that could explain why Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, has much less porn-search volume. While Yemen, Sudan, Libya has much more search volume. Probably, these countries don't block porn like Saudi Arabia does.

weera03 said...

Any Body Could give thier opinion on anthing. But the writter of this blog has not explained how he analyzed his data and how he gathered his data and it is sources. If i want to create my own opinion against a country i can publish a another blog assaulting that country. if the data collecting methods, it is sources,analysis techniques and interpretaion methods are explained this piece of information may be taken as trust worthy. Readers are you believing on anything which doesn't have any base or facts???

Deane said...

Google Insights is pretty simple. See my earlier comment and see google insights for how it collects and normalizes data.

Anonymous said...

deane, man, try doing the google insights thing with the keyword "defence"... guess who scores #1? surprise surprise! :D