Saturday, June 21, 2008

War against Men

According to the Daily Mirror all Sri Lankan males (and some females) are criminals. Here's a report,

Women and Child Bureau (WCB) is filing legal action against Sri Lankans appearing in pornographic videos and pictures on the internet violating the Indecent Publication Act of 1983 Article No. 23.

On information provided by anonymous sources, the WCB was conducting investigations into the people posing for illegal video and pictures for internet websites, CI, Buddhika Balachandran of the WCB said.

“Most of the people have been posted on the internet didn’t know about it,” CI Balachandran said. The WCB is using the provisions made in the legal system and will take legal action against the relevant parties.

Initial investigations which began a month ago have found 20 cases but he thinks the issue to be deep-rooted with many other cases, CI Ariyaratna said. The WCB hopes to charge the maximum fine of Rs. 10,000 with a definite jail sentence of more than one year for the parties who are found guilty he said.

Although he believes the fine was not tough and needs a revision, he was willing to take legal steps to deter people from encouraging and taking part in such videos and pictures.

According to him it was against the law for a Sri Lankan to be watching pornographic material [link]

Bugger. I can have sex, get married, booze, join the army but no says mommydaddy government, "you can't watch porn!".

[link sent in by Nm]

Postscript : DailyMirror is updating their site. That's great. But in the meantime (or most probably forever) they have broken all the old links. That's poor web strategy. Now all the old links need to be prefixed by a address instead of the domain, which I assume is where the suppsed "2.0" site will be hosted.

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