Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wimal Weerawansa -- a true patriot in everything

I always kind of thought Nalin de Silva and his Jathika Chinthana (national visionaries?) chaps were a bit nuts. Now that I'm reading their blog, I can confirm -- they are retarded. I mean, in a good way. the blog is actually kinda funny.

See this post for example, congratulating Wimal Weerawansa for the patriotic act of postponing a meeting. The prize is this comment from anonymous (It isn't me, honest.) :
Eveything Weerawansa does is patriotic, including having sex with his wife/mistress.
We salute you comrade. Now all your young cadre will follow you in your great example of bravery and sacrifice for the sake of our motherland. We as a nation stand greatly indebted to you and your penis.

Update : Couple of people have emailed me, including someone supposedly from the Jathika Chintana proper denying their involvement in this blog. Word is, it's a neoliberal conspiracy engineered by the C.I.A to disrespect our great patriots.

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Tariq said...

There's no way that blog is real... if anything it's great satire.