Sunday, July 13, 2008

A great Obama Poster

Despite vowing to oppose unauthorized wiretapping legislation, senator Obama decided to flip-flop on the issue and support wiretapping bill anyway. This is now one of many 'policy shifts' by Obama scrambling to center of the spectrum after taking a ride on to the left to get not-so-well-off democrat votes to win the primaries. So much for "Hope" and "change" the way washington does business. See This NY Times editorial and the economist article for more of Obama's centrism. This doesn't come as a surprise for me, but should be clear to everyone there is a huge difference between the real and the imaginary Obama.

Also see Why not Obama and more on Obama on deaned.


TheWhacksteR said...

yeah Obama is not all he seems.

Aachcharya said...

If Barack had voted against, your McCain and the related republican goons would have cried 'no patriotism'. He opposed the original version. Certain amends have been made to it and he has supported the amended version. He could have easily stayed at home and not voted like Mr McCain who didnt turn up for the vote. Now it takes courage to go and vote for these things during an election time. Thats what we are talking about here. Look at his response that i read on the NY times sometime back. Very calculated and a well thought out response. He even allowed a lot of pointed criticism by his supporters on his own site and responded to them. That is what we call a 'responsive' President.

Now yes personally i would have wanted Obama to take a hard core stand. But this is not all about idealogical positions. Its about electoral politics. One will have to judge a person on a balance of probabilities. My man is Obama.