Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Your mobile phone can save you from rapists

Sri Lanka's new IGP is an innovative chap. According to the Khaleej Times,
Inspector General Jayantha Wickremeratne, who assumed duties last week, says camera phones could play a bigger role in crime busting.

“If someone comes to rape you, use your mobile phone to record it,” he said addressing journalists in Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy yesterday.[link]
This is the problem with technology in the hands of government-people. They find new and innovative ways to do idiotic things with it. Sanjana has more.


TheWhacksteR said...

woah now, thats a bit absurd. imagine some girl getting raped and having the time to record it on her phone?? now that would be some Paris Hilton type fetish shit.

Leo Sadeepa said...

Indeed we have various kinds of jokers and too bad that new police chief has also joined the pack of jokers....