Friday, July 04, 2008

A Marraige Proposal (Chintana Style)

I thought one WTF story would do for the day. But no, look at what Anar got herself into this time. According to the Daily Mirror,
Popular actress Anarkali Akarsha has complained to the Kollupitiya Police that Western Provincial Councilor Duminda Silva’s men had forcibly taken her to his office on Thursday evening and threatened her to get married to him soon. She had also said that she and her mother were taken by armed men carrying semi automatic weapons and they were later dropped near a five-star hotel in Colombo. [link]
This is how the Chintana-types, propose to their girl friends. Get a gang to abduct her and stick to a gun to her head and ask, "will you marry me?" So much fun.

Getting back to the story, The Government in a statement, has denied any knowledge of this incident and vehemently condemned this horrendous act. The president, speaking at a meeting in siyambalnduwa, said that this is the work of a systematic gang trying to discredit the government. Some in the government have pointed out, that all of this is fiction, staged by Anarkali herself to become the her stated goal to be the Paris Hilton of Sri Lanka.

Ok Ok, not really. But they just might say something like that.

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