Friday, November 18, 2005

A Blogsphere in Mourning

The majority of the Sri Lankan Blogsphere is in a state of mourning as can be seen by the posts in This perhaps is not a sentiment exclusive to bloggers but a certain sect of expressive sri lankans who expected a victory for Ranil.

Some Blogs, such as This one , seems to be on strike. while many others are filled with rather depressed blogs. i have also decided to display a black ribbon for an indefiinite period of time as as a token of my protest of the election results and the inability for the North Eastern people to exercise their democratic rights.

Meanwhile there is some speculation that the UNP is moving towards a re-poll in Jaffna as reported in Nittewa and also reported by Channel News Asia. there are also reports that Mahinda will move to a quick swearing in today at about 6PM.

As much as i would like to believe the re-poll rumors i just cannot think it happening, and us repeating a Ukrain. infact it seems these demands of a re-poll have aready being rejected

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