Friday, November 18, 2005

so it's over...

it still haven’t sunk in, but the fat lady is singing loud and clear. Ranil Wickramasinghe is not the President of Sri Lanka, the 5th executive president of Sri Lanka is going to be Mahinda Rajapakse and looks like we will have to tolerate him for the next six years.

Grief is an understatement on how I feel, in fact it’s a combination of many emotions that goes through me when I blog the entry I never wanted to. The emotion is a mix of sadness, disappointment, embarrassment, and possibly sometimes down right anger. Basically the LTTE fcuked us over, and we all cannot help but feel betrayed, after all the political capital we put behind the people of the north and east, all the shit we had to take from the south to protect those interests, the people of the north and east have abandoned the peaceful leadership and paved the way for a coalition of disorder.

The people of the north and east, primarily the Tamils in those reasons could have decided who the president would have been, they had the power in their hands, or so it seemed. It seems now the LTTE have decided for them and their choice was Mahinda. Why LTTE took such a decision would be a matter of debate over the coming days and weeks but if you are a pace loving citizen of this country then if ever there was a sign of war, then this must be it. Despite this, I hope with all my heart that Mahinda can somehow steer this country to peace, I really do; however it’s not the man himself that casts doubts in me but the devils he sleeps with. I can hardly imagine anything worthwhile happening while the JVP/JHU is involved; it is truly ironic, as some other bloggers pointed out that Mahinda it seems had the backing of all the extremists in the country, a key ally being the LTTE.

As the morning dawned, and when I heard the first news that at 11 AM yesterday, the turnout from the LTTE areas is virtually zero, fears began to rise, and as the day gave away to the night and night to dawn it was increasingly becoming clear, Wickramasinghe’s options were running out, and running out fast. He needed big victories, sort of victories he would/ or should have got from the north.

The writing is on the wall for Mr.Wickramasinghe, it’s unlikely that he will contest again, and that will be a great pity. Sri Lanka will never get to see the true capabilities of the man, and the man wont get the chance to properly serve Sri Lanka. What went wrong for Wickramasinghe would be again a matter of debate, but to be honest he was baking on the north and east, and if he got it, (and I know the IFs and BUTs don’t count.) he would be the president and this country and this entry would have been dramatically different. People will now try to analyze whether Mr.Moragoda was responsible with his interview, or was it Navin Dissanayake, but to be honest for the tigers to call for the boycott it has to be more than that. It would have been a policy decision by the LTTE.

Call it hypocrisy, but the result is the not wish of the whole of Sri Lanka. It may be the narrow wish of the south, but not the country. That should be accepted. Well I could go like this for ever so it’s time to stop.

So bottom line LTTE decides - Mahinda is the president.

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