Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Voting is over,

Sri Lanka have decided, I must say out of all the campaign days this one is the most bleak.
Tigers have indeed asked the Tamils to boycott the polls, reports say that there is not a single vote cast from the LTTE controlled areas, and only about 5% in the rest of the north, these reports are of course from the State Media, but they cant be off the truth by much in this case.

We are still trying to be positive, and hope that that somehow Ranil will be able to pull it off. I simply cant stand to think that we might have to endure six years of rajapakse. Hopefully we dont have to, we will know in about 5 or 6 hours how the vote is going to go.

Deane J


Billy said...

Hey there... found you through kottu... and have enjoyed reading your blog today... though if you use one of my photos please credit me with it... the one you use has a creative commons license.. use it but credit the photographer. I don't mind my photos being linked to or blogged by others, its what the internet is all about, just make sure you tell people who the source is/was... thanks

~CC~ said...

geez.. sorry man.. saw it only today. hope it's cool.

billy rocks.

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