Saturday, November 19, 2005

We won the people, just not their vote.

Grief is now replaced by a glum acceptance. We will have to tolerate Rajapakse for six more years unless of course he keeps his promise and abolish executive presidency, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

In any case as a perhaps my final blog on the results it’s fair to say that Ranil even though he lost the actual poll, was the choice of Sri Lanka. To put it in prospective, there are more people today wishing Ranil was president instead of mahinda its just so happens that part of those who wants him, mainly the North, just didn’t show up on the poling booths to put that wish in writing. We now have to live with that grim reality.

My utter disgust and the feeling of betrayal from the north east Tamils is still very much present, whether they boycotted the polls out of pure loyalty or fear of the LTTE is immaterial at this point. What matters is that when I and many others like me who believe in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and an equal-to-all Sri Lanka voted on those ideals, the Tamil people of the north failed to give a response.

I can understand why the LTTE called the boycott. It is in their interest that Sri Lanka chooses a leader that the Tamils can dismiss as being acceptable to them, and this would mean greater control. What is most disappointing is that the majority of Tamils chose to follow this instruction; and to put it very simply, it just hurts Having said that, hats off to the people from the North who did vote, especially for that one guy in Killinochi (he voted for Ranil), who voted on behalf of the district. Well done sir and thank you.

What’s done is done. Sri Lanka perhaps lost its greatest leader, one who could have solved this stupid conflict for good. Now we might have to wait another generation, maybe even more bloodshed. I Hope it wont be the case.


Yaaro said...

"boycotted the polls out of pure loyalty or fear of the LTTE is immaterial at this point" - It is not immaterial at all.

Yaaro said...

Btw- the picture (from Associate Press) is also on my blog. What a coincidence.

ashanthi said...

a picture tells a thousand words ...

CC - put yourself in the shoes of that young boy with a gun on his back on his own walking up & down on the 18th of November ...

he looks lonely but resolved, in the background there's a van that has traversed a dangerous road & now it's occupants now they cannot go further... & it's not those burning tyres that stop that van - it's that boy with his arms folded, he's probably younger than you... do you really think it's fair to blame him for any of this?

i think we have an answer to all our questions

sittingnut said...

i don't think the buffalo will last 6 yrs. he will certainly lose control of parliament soon enough. then he would be lame, like the cbk was.
there is only one way forward, that is peace and economic reform. other ways will always hit a dead end.
no matter how hard the jvp or jhu shout or how cowardly the ne tamils are, does not make somethings wrong and unp should not change its policy nor will they imo. they of course should not trust the ltte and it's dependents any more. and if it comes to war support the buffalo to get rid of them at least from the east. then we will see.

~CC~ said...

".. Btw- the picture (from Associate Press) is also on my blog. What a coincidence.."

i took it from yours,

and you say the the Northen boycott is not immaterial. on its own as an issue it might not be immaterial, but what i said was on the context of the election. they chose, or were forced and/or intimidated not to excercise thier rights as citizens of this country, and thereby resulted in the electiion results showing a view which is not the wish of majority of sri Lankans. isnt that sad?

amd ashanti i dont blame that boy for any of thiss, i blame the majority of Northeners who Abandoned Sri Lanka in it's hour of need and i blame LTTE for provking the combined fear that i belive that led to the boycott .

as for sittingnut, i agree mayte; but i just cant help but feel cheated.

ashanthi said...

yaroo - the boycott has thrown us all into a mess - it remains to be seen if this will become a bloody mess...

cc - we all feel cheated, look i feel that i've been waiting a lifetime for the war to end & for us to have some semblance of peace...we desperatelly need it

Anonymous said...

For all UNP supporters,

Now everybody knows who is the ARSEHOLE! (Mr. RANIL)