Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Comercial Sex Monkeys

According to one study, monkeys pay for sex. that's right, there are monkey-whores. .um I mean commercial sex workers. This is what TIME says,
It turns out that one of humanity's oldest professions may be even older than we thought: In a recent study of macaque monkeys in Indonesia, researchers found that male primates "paid" for sexual access to females — and that the going rate for such access dwindled as the number of available females went up.
Hell. they even understand economics. more..
The macaques' [monkeys] exchange of services simply illustrates a nifty system of cooperation that allows for successful mating. The basic premise, says Gumert, is called biological market theory, which follows the elementary principles of supply versus demand. When applied to the voluntary sex life of long-tailed macaques, it means that the price that one group is willing to pay for a commodity that the other group has depends on the scarcity or abundance of that commodity on the market. Scientists think female macaques may use grooming, too, to try to maintain social relationships within the group to benefit their offspring, or as a way to distract or appease males from getting aggressive after a sexual encounter. In fact, when female macaques groomed males, their services decreased sexual activity in males. [Read in Full]
See, this is why we should legalize Prostitution. i meant it's totally evolution, we cant regulate evolution and besides there are no reports of monkey-pimps or violence. Just free-exchange, and everyone's happy.

Next Step, monkey sex-ed. Use protection you monkeys!

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Anonymous said...

I thought grooming was just a part of foreplay.