Thursday, January 03, 2008

Paul Beats Rudy Gulliani

That's what the headlines would be Tomorrow.

Well, its the big day today for the Paulites - Iowa primaries. The Des Moines Register poll has Ron Paul at 9% tied with Fred Thompson, trailing McCain at 13% and leading Gulliani who's stuck at 5%. The CNN poll has Paul tied with Rudy at 8%. I expect Paul to get 4th, that would be one hell of an achievement, even MSM (mainstream-media) is predicting good things from Paul with New Hampshire on the way Paul can look to get in the top 3 there.

There are reasons to believe he'll do well than the polls suggests, Paul unquestionably attracts first-time voters and Independents. Most of the polls are conducted by phoning previous Republican voters, which wouldn't include either of these camps.

Ron Paul's revolution raised close to $20 Million last quarter, most of it online and all of it from small donors. Including of course the two money bombs which brought in $4 Million and $6M respectively. The Campaign is completely grassroots and supporter-led.

If you haven't heard of Paul, Google him or search on you tube. His supporters call the whole thing a revolution. Here's a good video on his rise, Here's a nice one (a few months old). He's all over YouTube and Facebook. Here's the official site.

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