Saturday, January 05, 2008

On Iowa Results

The big news from Iowa is Obama. He has made it, making the democrat race wide Open. If he beats Hillary in New Hampshire, Bill's "First Man" dreams would be gone. Obama talks of Change, I don't buy that. Let's face it, lot of people like Obama (especially non-Americans) because he's black and looks different. But his chances have improved now, and the U.S. might well have it's first "African-American" president.

It seems to be a two horse-race as far as the Dems are concerned. I'd count Edwards out, unless he can pull something off in the next two causes. Highly unlikely.

On the Republican side, the race is wide open. Huckabee came in a comfortable first with Romney in 2nd. Romney probably lost most in Iowa, he badly needed the win, having spent over $10 M in Iowa. Huckabee's win has most to do with the Christian evangelicals in Iowa, the win doesn't make him the top contender.

My man Ron Paul (the Libertarian anti-war republican) didn't do well as I had hoped, I expected 4th, he came in 5th. His die-hard supporters are a bit bummed, but on the bright side. He reached double digits with 10% of the vote, just 3% behind 3rd and 4th place Thompson and McCain. Paul also kicked Rudy Gulliani's ass, with the former mayor and the national front runner for the GOP, just getting 13% 4%. Gulliani must be regretting the little scuffle the two had at an earlier debate. Paul also won the only county which didn't go to either Huckabee or Romney, Jefferson County. Many people consider this as impressive showing.

Paul also got most of the Independent vote on the republican side with 29% to McCain's 22%. Independents would be a key constituency in New Hampshire, the location of the next primary. It's probably the most Libertarian state in U.S., the home to the free state project and Paul need to get into the top-3 here to remain marginally relevant.

It's also the state where McCain is leading, and a win here could propel him to the GOP nomination. He's probably the biggest winner from Iowa on the Republican side. McCain needed to Huckabee to beat Romney to deny him the momentum going into NH, just what he needed. A McCain-Huckabee ticket is certainly on the cards.

Tompson is going to be out soon, he's not a serious contender, but Gulliani would need to get into the top 3 as well, if Paul beats Gulliani in NH, it could be curtains for the former Mayor.

Whatever the case if not for Paul, there's no one I can whole heartedly endorse. I can live through a McCain presidency, he's a decent fiscal conservative but also a nut who wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years, I won't find anything much agreeable with Obama, but hell - he's a damn good speaker.

As for Paul, I think Obama's victory was probably his biggest lost out of Iowa, lot of young people supporting Obama would have been potential Paulites. Now independents probably see a viable candidate as opposed to a less-viable one in Paul.

But what can I say, watching the Ron Paul Revolution has been wonderful so far. I first sent an email to his exploratory committee earlier this year urging him to Run, apparently so did many others and he did turn up, I thought he'd disappear but no, the Ron Paul's ideas caught on with people, especially the young and the web-savvy, it has fun watching the Ron Paul Rise on Youtube and on the web. From less than 1% to 10% it has been amazing, the grassroots organization, the money-bombs, the Ron Paul blimps, its been a phenomenal effort that someone will eventually write a book about it. I Hope the revolution keeps going 'cos it isn't about Paul in the end, it's about Liberty!. But no Paul's not out yet!.

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