Tuesday, May 13, 2008

GOP's Ralph Nader

Could be Bob Barr. The former republican seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party. From Reason,
The smallish room Bob Barr booked for his presidential announcement was overflowing with journalists. I've seen every Ron Paul 2008 event held at the venue, and they never drew this sort of interest: There were, I think, four working reporters at the press conference announcing the haul from the first moneybomb. But Barr's announcement drew live reporters from the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post (even if it was the famously snarky "Sketch" author Dana Milbank). Barr foreign policy pal Doug Bandow stood by him at the podium, and foreign policy maven Jim Bovard sat in the audience.

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Conservatives breathed a sigh of relief when Ron Paul said he won't run in third party, the LP literally offered him the nomination if he wanted it, Paul seem to want to reform the GOP from the inside, best of luck to him. If Paul ran he might have taken off just enough votes off McCain to make him loose some key states, and therefore the election.

Now what we have is a situation where most GOP activists are not enthusiastic about their nominee. McCain is not your out-the-box conservative, he's not the religious-right's man, nor does he excites the fiscal conservatives. Barr, can and should cash in. He sounds much more conservative than Ron Paul, although he's lot less principled (Barr supported the Patriot Act for example). But if he gets the LP nomination, he should give McCain a run for his money.

This would mean an Obama presidency, but if Barr gets enough votes and "Naders" McCain that will teach a lesson the section of the GOP who are increasingly hostile to it's libertarian wing.

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