Friday, May 16, 2008

Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick, Jack suffers from a quick fire dick

That's from the Island's kiddies page yesterday. No kidding. The Island, of "Pubic Money" fame published this poem on it's children section, the Happy Island.

See this for a full page picture of the page which includes the poem. Heh. The kids these days I tell you...

The Island think it's the work of a net terrorist:
We wish to bring to the notice of our readers that there has been a sinister attempt by an unknown group to disrupt the operations of this newspaper and to tarnish its image through electronic means.

It all began in 2006, when a London-based correspondent warned us against such a move.

Recently, another newspaper, too, became a victim of hackers who tampered with its website.

The e-mail accounts of the editor and the features editor of The Island are the targets through which they sought to disrupt our system by transmitting specially designed programmes. We adopted precautions but we now learn that on Tuesday, when we usually print the children’s section issued on Thursday, we got badly beaten.

An infected junk document ate into an innocent poem that a young contributor had sent in to share with others, after the proof reading stage.

The ill effects of the attack were noticed yesterday as well in the main section of the paper but we managed to eliminate them in time for printing.

We have initiated a thorough investigation into the incident and apologise to our readers, especially children, for the mishap. [link]
Aney meh, editor, go to hell machang. Someone screwed up editing, admit that and move on, life's like that.

Update (2.20pm) : Some guy at groundviews points to the source of the rhymes which the Island copied from. There goes the whole "infected junk document ate into an innocent poem that a young contributor had sent in to share with others" stuff. I mean, anyone who has used a computer more than a week knows that's just pure B.S. This could be the site in which the Island 'journalist' lifted the poem from, pretending to be an innocent young contributor.

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TheWhacksteR said...

heheh terrorism my brown sri lankan bottom!