Friday, May 30, 2008

My fan club

Dinidu has a post on a certain someone who's been stealing posts off this blog and putting them up as his own. I don't quite know whether to be flattered or mad. I guess I'm leaning on the latter. The plagiarizer is so pathetic that he not only copied the posts, but the name of the blog as well as my "about me" section, including my favorite books list!

I mean, even I don't particularly like the name "Deane's Dimension". It's the 8th grade science geek side of me, which normally is not on display here. (Once upon a time, I was really into "time travel" stuff.)

Anyways, More at Din's : the bugger even refuses to take them down!


Anonymous said...

Do you have any retarded, malformed clones that we should know about? Is this some kind of horrible 8th-grade-science-experiment-gone-wrong coming back to haunt you after all these years?

Deane said...

I'm calling mom..