Sunday, May 11, 2008

Terrorists and Government win in the rigged Eastern Polls

It seems the Pillayan group(TMVP) a break away (still-armed) group of the Karuna faction a break away faction of the LTTE, who contested under the government's election symbol and patronage seems to have won the elections in the Eastern province after reports of ballot stuffing, voter impersonation and general violence. In short, surprise, surprise, the government and it's armed buddies have rigged the election.

Surely, someone has to call it right? No? See, it's often mistakenly thought there's a war against terror in Sri Lanka. Nonsense. Most Sri Lankans, the ruling party and particularly the president is fine with terrorrism as long as the terrorists are on 'their' side.

Official results are here.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, Mahindha is swindling this country with his family.