Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mihin Air

..Has been grounded until further notice. Now, His Excellency is trying to fly on his own. Budget-airline no.


eLhamza said...
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eLhamza said...

Thank God!

I had a terrible time last December when I decided to take Mihin Air from Singapore.

The "two" engine flight they had was packed with people!

And If something had gone wrong in mid air,God be with us,the flight didn't have spare engines!

And the seats didn't even meet the standards of an AC bus service that runs from Kandy to Colombo....

Surprisingly the air plane didn't even have any system to maintain the pressure inside.Almost everyone cried out in pain when taking off and landing.I tried several things to ease the pain but nothing worked.

There were lot of defects.Now that the service has been grounded,let me cut it short as the message is clear.

Hell with Mihin!