Monday, March 17, 2008

Anura Bandaraike, R.I.P.

Anura Bandaraike is no more. I wasn't a fan of his politics, but I appreciate the man. I met him briefly a couple of times, first, when I was about 15/16 he advised me to go out of the country, learn and come back. I haven't heeded his advice so far, but I'm likely to at some point or the other.

People often portrayed him as this slightly crazy chap, but in truth, he's quite a learned fellow, he knew and understood what's going on in politics and in the world.

In fact, I've come to realize that politicians aren't nearly as stupid as they sound. They just bank on the electorate to be stupid, and time after time, they are proven right.

I'm pretty certain Mahinda Rajapakse is genuinely grieving Anura's death, but you have to say the President has some luck. This is turning out to be a really bad year for MPs. The 5th one to die ?

Anyway, good bye Anura Boss. You will be missed.

Obituaries : Daily News, Daily Mirror.
Pictures from the Funeral.

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