Saturday, March 22, 2008

Freeing Tibet

There's lot of talk recently about the Tibetan situation. There's calls to action from all sorts of places. There's even an online petition, that's being circulated. Now, a petition to a communist regime is probably as useful as a wedding ring to the pope but symbolic gestures have their place, I suppose.

The upcoming Olympics is suggested the best place for to take this kind of stand, apparently the charter of the Olympic committee is to"to create a window of opportunities for dialogue, reconciliation and the resolution of conflicts...and to encourage political leaders to act in favour of peace". There are already calls to call on U.S. congress to call for a boycott of the Olympics. lot of calls, I doubt any of this will happen, but here's an interesting idea from Megan McArdle's blog,
A far better approach would be if the athletes themselves engaged in all manner of subversive tactics. I've heard it suggested that the athletes shave their heads in solidarity with Tibetan monks. Can you imagine the apoplectic fits the Chinese would go into if wave after wave of athlete representing various nations entered the arean with shaved heads? What if there was some symbol for Tibet the athletes wore on the medal podium? What if during press conferences, the athletes consciously mentioned the plight of Tibet? The possibilities for mischief are endless. [link]
Being China's little pee-boy, Sri Lanka won't be doing anything much. Funny how the usually-vocal lefties keep silent with this sort of thing. If it's under the banner of communism, what's the harm in a bit of oppression no?

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007 said...

The Ever-Present Smile of His Holiness DALAI LAMA is MORE POWERFUL than the 1

million strong Chinese Army -)

We will fight the Totalitarian Regimes in the snow-bound glaciers to the

densest jungles...BUT WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER.

Check these out FOR A NEW PLAN TO FREE TIBET :


Believe me, this uprising is going to spread from Tibet (Xizang Province) to

even Sinkiang (Xinjiang Uygur) and others !!!