Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Excellencies, Worships and honorables

Apparently, it's protocol to call a foreign Ambassador "excellency". Which is kinda funny, because I never liked the fact that even the President is called 'excellency'? why should he be an excellency? and Mayor a worship, and MPs honorables?

Technically speaking, shouldn't we, the people be the bosses with the politicians serving us? But of course, this shows how things are in reality. The sad part is this is exactly how most people treat them as well: as kings, worships and some sort of pseudo-gods. It's time people realized, president is just the head of government. He's not your king, excellency or worship, he's just a person put there to to do a job, just like everyone else. Maybe we just call these fellows assholes Mister (or madam) when we cant use their names.

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