Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pimping Morals

The American politico-blogosphere is going crazy over the Eliot Splitzer story, virtually every U.S. blog I read has a post on the New York Governor's involvement in an international prostitution ring. The Governor, a democrat, will step down from his job next week.

If something like this happened in Sri Lanka, (like a few years ago when a government deputy minister was caught in the infamous Liberty Plaza brothel, who later explained he went there to have tea) it would be an almost non-story, finding itself space only in perhaps the satire pages of Sri Lankan news papers without even their name being mentioned .

But wait, aren't we supposed to be morally superior to these yankee-pankie Americans? we are of course. Just that, our strategy is to pretend stuff like this never happens. Which I'm down with, by the way.

Thankfully, spitzer's scandal has opened the debate on legalizing prostitution. It's time the Sri Lankan lawmakers accept the reality of their own moral standing and legalize prostitution here as well no?

Who knows, it might even solve the 'abductions' problem.

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