Thursday, March 20, 2008

Development Indicators..

According to recent reports, Christina Caldera, a Sri Lankan student at the University of Texas made it to the PlayBoy Magazine.

Sri Lanka is really coming along, blond bimbos - check, gay celebrity - check, PlayBoy Mag - check. Next stop, um.. MILF Hunter?

Ok ok I know this is old news, but did you know Authur C Clarke was also on Play boy in 1986? So technically speaking, Ms.Caldera isn't the first Sri Lankan to be on PlayBoy. This kind of proves my point about Sri Lankan development, JR really did ruin everything.

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Dili said...

Couldnt find her on and theres some word going around that its a hoax. Hope its not a hoax, he he :) Im sure Sir Arthur would have approved, and JR :)