Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Now, a Pregnant man..

A few days ago when a pregnant woman in India decided to use the toilet on a Ahmadabad train and realized her baby had slipped through toilet bowl,
My delivery was so sudden," said the Bhuri Kalbi, the mother of the infant, born two months prematurely. "I did not even realize that my child had slipped from the hole in the toilet." [..]

"They stopped the train and ran on the tracks to find the baby," she said, speaking from her hospital bed in the western city of Ahmedabad. [link]
Geez. don't they overdo it on TV.. turns out this delivery thing is a simple matter after all.. TOI has more,
"Usually, children are born head first. It seems the girl either came legs first or swing around her umbilical cord and landed on her hip. She has no trace of injury whatsoever on her head, though she has some internal injury on the hip bone," said Dr Kumar. [link]
If you thought that was the WTF pregnancy story you've ever heard, check this out:

ABC News has the story..

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