Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How J.R. Ruined Everything

If you are a socialist, that is.

The chart below from Gapminder shows increasing incomes per person at accelerating rates after president JR Jaywardene liberalized the Sri Lankan economy in 1977. Certainly, this isn't good news for the lefties.

(a still pic from gap minder, an awesome tool. You can link to the real-time chart too)

Say what you want about JR's politics, but the fact remains - his (partial) market-based reforms did make a lot of people's lives better. We need more of it, not less.

These stats of course, wouldn't change the mind of people like this commenter to whom I dedicate the title of this post. These are obviously some fake statistics compiled as part of a neoliberal conspiracy initiated by the CIA and planted in Google gapminder.

No but seriously, Gapminder is just awesome, it converts boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics. See it's founder Hans Rosling's talks on TED here and here. Must See videos!


R. Wijetilake said...

Thank you very much for this nice tool, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Ya, it has increased incomes. But This can be hardly called great development. Countries like Singapore, the Asian Tigers have grown much faster.

Open Economy in Sri Lanka has not worked well enough. Maybe it's the war.